About Fraser Millworks
Custom Wood Moulding and Trim

Fraser Millworks is a family-owned and operated custom wood moulding and trim company located in Jacksonville, Florida. We specialize in straight and radius wood and PVC mouldings, custom doors, mantels, wall panels, shutters and much more including custom woodwork. Since our establishment in 1978, our mission has been to provide custom home builders, designers, remodelers, and architects with the highly specialized woodwork and moulding that makes their interior and exterior designs of high-end homes truly unique.

We place great emphasis on assuring that our custom moulding and trim meets the quality standards set by the Architectural Woodwork Institute.

In addition to custom wood moulding and trim, Fraser Millworks also produces custom PVC moulding and trim boards. PVC moulding and trim boards are an ideal solution for the Southeast’s hot, humid environment making it a great substitute for natural exterior wood moulding. Once installed and painted, it is virtually identical to wood and offers years of maintenance free beauty.

Overall, Fraser Millworks is recognized as “the company” to speak with about custom moulding and custom woodworking of all types and styles. And we look forward to working with you on your next project. Contact Us the next time you need truly unique or specialized custom moulding

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