Custom Moulding Manufacturing by Fraser Millworks

The Technology and Equipment to Produce Any Moulding Style

At Fraser Millworks we combine our industry’s most advanced woodworking equipment with years of experience to custom craft virtually any style of radius or straight moulding. We begin with your drawings or even a sample of the moulding style you would like us to produce. And through a refined series of steps, we custom craft the knives that will be needed for your moulding styles, prepare the wood species or PVC, and ultimately shape your custom moulding with high performance computerized moulders and routers. Our process, our equipment, and our commitment to excellence is why custom builders, architects and home designers throughout Northeast Florida trust Fraser Millworks Custom Moulding Manufacturing to help them create truly extraordinary custom moulding

Our Equipment, Your Advantage.

Grinding Moulding Knife

Grinding the Razor Sharp Knives that will Carve your Custom Moulding.

The first step in creating custom moulding is to grind the knives that will be used by the moulder to actually mill your custom moulding. We hand grind knives using the Kentwood Knife Grinder. And through a series of steps each knife is cut, shaped and polished to match your moulding pattern perfectly. Our moulding catalog includes close to 2,000 styles, but if your high-end custom home calls for it’s own unique style of moulding, we are equipped to help you create it.

Industrial Mult-Blade SawHigh Performance Saws Prepare High Grade Wood Species for the Moulders and Routers.

Laser guides and multiple precision blades allow our Mereen Johnson Fixed Arbor Saw to cut rough lumber to the sizes that will be required for your custom moulding and trim. This high performance saw is designed specifically for cutting higher grade materials and wood species efficiently and accurately. The Mereen Johnson saw is capable of multiple simultaneous cuts and can produce hundreds of linear feet of unfinished lumber per hour making it a key component to finely crafted custom moulding.

The Weinig Profimat 23 MoulderThe Weinig Profimat 23 Moulder for Standard and Finer Custom Moulding.

Our Profimat 23 Moulder is designed to use multiple cutting heads and knives to produce multiple cuts in the same run. Since changing knives requires great care and tends to be a time consuming task, the ability to make multiple cuts dramatically increases our efficiency and accuracy.

The Weinig Unimat 30 EL MoulderThe Weinig Unimat 30 EL Moulder for Large, Bold Moulding Styles.

Our Unimat 30 EL Moulder is our newest addition and provides us with all the capabilities of the Profimat 23 with a much larger larger capacity. The 30 EL can mill a board up to 8″ thick and 11 1/4″ wide. Additional power provided to the cutting heads allows for the wider stock and the ability to produce more simultaneous cuts. Bigger machine, better capabilities, and even more beautiful moulding and wood trim.

Computerized Northwood CNC MoulderComputerized Northwood CNC Moulder for Truly Elegant Radius Moulding

Our Northwood CNC Router is one of our most versatile pieces of precision equipment. This computer guided precision router adjusts its cutting table and cutting head simultaneously to cut any degree of radius moulding in any style. It also performs countless other tasks that increase our efficiency in door and shutter production.