Custom Moulding

When we say Custom Moulding, we truly mean Custom. While many of our custom builders, architects, and home designers select from our extensive catalog of moulding profiles, we are best known for our ability to create highly intricate custom moulding.

When a new moulding style is required for a particular project, we are provided with a sketch or a sample of the pattern. We use this to generate a computerized drawing of the profile which is used to create a set of custom knives. With great precision, these knives are set into a moulder. The moulder is used to mill rough lumber in the selected wood species to a custom moulding profile.

The Process of Grinding a knife

As we mentioned earlier, the first step in creating custom moulding is to create the knives that will be used to mill the moulding. Referring to the moulding style pattern, we prepare the required pieces of hardened steel that will be carefully ground into knives. Multiple knives are needed to produce a single moulding style.

With the appropriate sections of hardened steel, our craftsmen grind the knives by hand using a “Wadkin Knife Grinder.” After the knives are ground to razor sharp, they are ready to be loaded into the moulder cutter heads.

Preparing the Wood Species

The next step in creating your custom moulding is to prepare the rough lumber that will be required. We use a multi-blade industrial saw to cut the lumber to the correct size. Radius mouldings require more extensive preparation.

Creating Custom Moulding

Mounting the freshly ground knives into the cutter heads of the machines that will mill the moulding is the final step of preparation. The knives are mounted and testing is then performed to assure an exact match to your style pattern. Once an exact match is achieved, moulders transform the prepared wood species into your custom moulding.


Custom Builders, Architects and Home Designers

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